Tara's 2019 Goals

My practical ways to be a better wife this year, draw closer to the Lord and enjoy my new baby.

Tara's 2019 Goals

It seems like every year, during the new year, I want to "be a better me".  Looking back over the year before though, I don't even know what may have gotten better! I don't make practical goals and don't keep track of how I am doing. If I did, I could see what works and what doesn't for my personality and lifestyle. So this year I want to come up with a couple of practical things I can do to "be a better me" in the main area's I care about- me as a mom, a wife, a disciple and some personal area's of growth. I hope I am not reaching for the stars here, but at least at the end of the year I will be able to see if I am expecting too much from myself. Also, if I keep these goals written down and look over them frequently enough I won't neglect them.

Being a new mommy this year, I plan to rest with my baby and enjoy life with her. Knowing myself, rest will not come naturally. I am task oriented and seem to be a busy body, which I am not necessarily proud of, even if it keeps things done and organized which I appreciate immensely. This is going to be a time to "let things fall" and trust the hubs. So to be intentional to get rest these are a few idea's I have; I won't use social media while breastfeeding, I will try to sleep when the baby sleeps, and I will accept help! I'd like to read bible stories to my baby and do stretches with her. I have a book called "Pray Big for Your Child" I will use to lead me in daily prayer for my new babygirl.

I still think of my husband and I as newlyweds, but that doesn't mean we are still in the "honeymoon phase". We've been married for two short, sweet years. I want to be a better wife this year than I was last year. I hope to be a wife that uplifts and edifies her husband. Yes, I admit it, I am not always positive! Most of my friends see me as optimistic, I am. But at home, things get real. He gets my attitude, my judgement and frustration. You are welcome, best friend ;) To uplift Aaron I commit to pray for him specifically everyday. To edify him I commit to leading worship with him in our weekly Adult and Teen Challenge chapel (this means singing... not my forte, pray for me!). We have a new worship leader on the Brandon team so it will only be a couple times a month that we lead, whew! And it could be a challenge trying to do this with a child... so even if I follow through with once a month, I will be satisfied! It may even have to wait until she is 6 months old or so. I will not forget my goal. "The ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy but to glorify God." – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

To grow closer to God this year I want to try a few new things. I want to learn the art of meditating on God's Word. More than just reading the Bible, I would like to "chew on it". I want to go slow enough that I can focus and let it change me. I plan to start using the SOAK method after I read the Word. While I am home during maternity leave, if the hubs is at work, I will not watch Netflix or Cable. I plan to only listen to podcasts, teachings and sermons (things that will challenge me). I am going to get back to journaling with my devotions, this helps me reach goals when God is leading me to change things in my life because I can look back at what He said.

This year I want to write! I want to blog more about spiritual stuff and everything and anything that interests me. I don't want to write about what I think will interest others... that will keep me from writing! I just want to write about whatever I care about. The first quarter of this year, I will be at home baking and cooking up a storm. I will write down my own recipes for once! I may just chill with the baby... ha ha. We will see what my blog posts consist of most!

I have so many subjects I need to study and learn! To keep it practical I will choose only two things for 2019. I would like to re-learn grammar and get back to the keyboard. Grammar... so bad at spelling, punctuation and sentence structure! Surely, anyone that writes can see that, ha ha. I took a grammar class in college but was totally checked out. I don't know how I passed. I think if I were more confident in my writing I would write more. I used to play the piano a bit as a kid and Aaron bought me a keyboard last year! Even if it's not reading music, I just want to be able to play chords. I will start with being able to do worship on my own, maybe next year I will try to play with a worship team. 2021 I could try to write my own song!

If anyone has tips on how to enjoy a baby in the first year please share them with me! Idea's for edifying my husband would be welcomed too... anything you guys have for me I wanna hear :)

Your friend,

Tara Rose