Hey girl! Are you looking for romance?

My thoughts on women hoping to get in a relationship.

Hey girl! Are you looking for romance?
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Pretty much every woman I know from ages 15-35 want a man if they're not already dating or married. We have an intrinsic design to crave to be loved, adored and in a strong relationship for most of our life. But its not as easy as just dating until you find someone who is compatable or committed.

God's written word says: "Do not awaken love until it is the right time". If we could live in the present with Jesus and continue to build that relationship until the time is right we will be better prepared for a healthy, strong and Godly relationship. Also, keep pouring into relationships with women who love you, your family and the church. We can get so distracted by our wants and desires that we can miss our amazing blessings right infront of us!

Become who you are looking for.

If you’re hoping for a man who has integrity, self control, a grateful heart and passion for life, you have to work towards being that person too. If a man is looking for a wife and he’s a healthy man of God- he’s going to be looking for a woman who is seeking God and has the qualities of a woman of God.

Don’t expect a relationship or marriage to take care of your insecurities or past hurts. It will likely make things worse if you don’t get healing before a new commitment.

If you think you’re called to ministry, called to live sober, called to move to the north to help others… don’t start dating people who aren’t going the same direction. If you’re dating guys who drink and you felt God warn you to stay away from anything that might feed your addictive tendencies, you will most likely relapse and spin off from your relationships that are keeping you safe.

·Two people will not [Can two…?] walk together unless they have agreed ·to do so [or to meet; or on the direction].

God speaks to our hearts, He isn’t leaving us alone to figure out what’s right for our next steps. He can speak through the word straight to you for what you need. He can speak through people, church members, leadership… but if it’s God speaking through someone- He will confirm in your spirit or say it to you in another way to show you it is Him. But He is a dad who cares and wants to be involved in the details, the plans and commitments!

A man who finds a wife finds a good thing Or “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure.” Proverbs 18:22

Wait on a man to peruse you in Gods timing. We don’t need to do anything to attract a man to us, we don’t need to laugh loud, flip our hair, go to the bathroom just because he is… just run after the Father. Give Jesus your whole self. That’s more attractive than desperation to any man with discernment!

My husband was attracted to me because of my heart to serve God practically every day. He saw me doing the dirty work around campus with joy

I trusted God to bring the man for me to me in His way and time. I knew my husband as a friend but wasn’t thinking we’d ever be an item! I’d wake up in the night praying for him, that was interesting. Then I started waking up and God wanted me to pray for his future wife!

Months later, I would tell my friends I felt like there was something secret about us, like we both had a joy and excitement around each other. My friends said I was nuts, we never even talked. But he’s an introvert and I am too.. but somehow he found his way to join me at mealtimes or invite the women’s dorm to play frisbee or volleyball.

It got to the point where we knew there was something going on. He started pursing me slowly and was patient until I was approved by my leaders at ministry school. Aaron pursed me with assurance that I was going to be his, not that I knew that but now I know he bought a ring months into our dating relationship.

When God is the main thing in your life, He will never leave you or forsake you. He knows your heart; He DESIGNED your heart! Putting your trust in His plan is the best plan.

Be patient and settle in to becoming the spouse you’re hoping to find!

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