The main ingredient: A SCOBY. It looks like a slimy mushroom, and pretty much is, is alive and well, waiting to make you some gut cleanser, flavored as you wish!

SCOBY is an acronym that stands for "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast". Does that sound flavorful or what?! ;)

So many people I talk to are afraid to make their own Kombucha. Like it's some  science experiment or something! They think the SCOBY is gross or making the batch is too intimidating.

If you can make sweet tea (shout out to my homies in the south), you can make booch, easy peasy lemony squeezy.

If you don't mind sweet tea with a bit of a vinegar flavor you can drink it plain. But you can stop the fermentation early enough, so it's doesn't really taste like vinegar. For me the vinegar makes me think it's stronger and better for my gut... no clue if that is true! But I tend to stop the fermentation process at day 8-11 depending on the temp in my house, it sometimes ferments slower.

After the 7-14 days, when you've decided the taste is right, add your choice of flavors (fruit/teas/juice) for a day or so.

Last step, DRINK UP!

I have about 3 gallon jars of kombucha brewing at a time. My daughter Stella and I enjoy a glass together just about daily. We love it :)

"Booch", "Buchie" or Kombucha!

Making kombucha is simple and doesn't take much time or effort!