Tara's First Veggie Gard, Step 1

Follow along as the Murray Gardeners figure things out! Here is our first day in the books.

Tara's First Veggie Gard, Step 1

Today I learned there is zones for when to start planting your garden. I am in Zone 3, in Manitoba. 😊

Step one.. I guess is get the weeds out?

The only tools I have are a hand shovel, a stirrup hoe and a fifteen month old baby! So far they did me good.

I started getting by pulling weeds and grass. I have a new hate for grass roots! Then I stirred it all up with the stirrup hoe, that took some elbow grease.

I think Stella killed a lady bug...

We’re excited about our first garden (I am, there’s no we, haha)! I’m guessing a it’s about 3 feet by 5 feet.

It’d be better if it weren’t right in the corner of the fences so I could get around it but that’s where it was when we moved in.

Aaron was going to pull it out so I could have a garden bed right in the ground and we could move the spot to a better place, but we decided to just start with where it is.

I looked up raised bed gardens and learned I can start gardening sooner with a raised bed because the soil is warmer, especially if I add soil. I can also add more soil than I could to a garden right in the ground. Like if I wanna add organic soil with more nutrients than just plain dirt.

My dream this year is to start with beets, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and maybe spinach. I was going to do zucchini but they do really well here, as in they grow HUGE plants and everyone is giving them away so I will skip them this year.

I wanna start small this year and maybe build another bed next year if all goes well.

Here's my dirt :) ready for some compost? I'm not exactly sure... I will probably buy some dirt and seeds tomorrow.

My compost is in a bucket with old leaves and grass, egg shells, coffee grinds and veggie scraps. Don't think I will be adding manure, haha!

Maybe I will add the yellow flowers to the side I won't be able to reach to keep the deer away. Or a little cage? Haha

I hope it all works out! I will update as I learn!