Tara’s Fish Tacos

Instant Pot your frozen fish for TACO TUESDAY

Tara’s Fish Tacos

Tuesday dinner I am always short for time! Tonight I was so proud of what I threw together that I awarded myself a bath and wrote it down. My first recipe!

I usually use whatever I have on hand to make dinner. I don't typically find recipes to follow until the time I am actually cooking. Tonight I found one and used what I had on hand to make it work.

I usually use my instant pot as a crockpot. I guess I just get nervous to use the pressure setting, lol. Like I will ruin the food or something... Tonight, I wanted to use my frozen fish and it was already close to 5 pm. So I oiled it up, added it to the crock pot and turned that baby on! I set the pressure at low for fourteen minutes.

While the fish was cooking I make the sauce. To be honest, I measured all by eye... I will guess to help anyone that likes to measure. Next and heated the tortillas. I already had cut up peppers and some left over salad that I took out to throw on as toppings.

I released the seal once the pressure time was up and made the tacos right away in this order: tortilla, fish, cheese, sauce, peppers, salad, sauce.

Tara’s Fish Tacos


Fish (I used salmon that was frozen and already cut.)
Oil and seasonings.

Small Tortillas (I used flour tortillas)

Cheese (Tex Mex shredded)
Leftover bag salad (I used sweet kale)
Raw bell pepper

Sour cream (2 Tablespoons)
Mayo (1 Tablespoon)
Lemon juice (1/4 Lemon)
Sriracha (1 tsp)
Cumin (1/4 tsp)
Garlic (1/4 tsp)


  1. Put a cup of water and the cooking tray in the Instant Pot.
  2. Add in the fish. Drip the oil on the fish and brush it all over. Season with whatever you like (I had a "sesame crunch” seasoning by Epicure I hadn’t used yet, wow did this turn out awesome!)
  3. Close the lid and seal the pressure release so the steam doesn’t get out. 14 minutes was perfect for frozen fish, I would say about 7 for thaw fish.
  4. While the fish is cooking, whip up the sauce by adding it all into a bowl and mixing.
  5. Next warm butter on a skillet and then add one tortilla at a time to get them nice and hot, a tiny bit crunchy.
  6. Put the tortillas on the plates, add the fish then other toppings and serve.
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