Pregnancy doesn't have to be so stressful!

"Don't believe everything you see on TV" or read in a book...

Pregnancy doesn't have to be so stressful!

So when I first found out I was pregnant I read books, listened to podcasts, looked at a million pinterest posts, all to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I wanted to be a perfect mom already. I wanted to put my biggest advice for pregnancy into a simple guide for expecting moms.

#1. Go on a walk every day if you can. Not an intense long, fast walk, but a leisurely walk 20 to 30 minutes keeping your heart strong and your body moving. Will keep you in a good place for giving birth.

#2. Allow God into the labor prep. I read this book, “supernatural childbirth” and it was pretty repetitive so I don’t think I read the whole thing but for the most part it talked about inviting God into the pregnancy and birth. I talked about having specific scripture that you are ready to while you are giving birth and ones that you will stand on. So for me, I came up with what was the biggest things that I wanted for my birth: a fast birth with not much pain. And I’m telling you… my baby came so quick, and the pain wasn’t easy but I was able to do it without any medication or medical intervention! A complete miracle. (Stella).

I chose three verses and had them on index cards. They stayed in my bible where I would read them everyday and meditate on them. When time came for me to give birth I knew them by heart and they  each had a really deep meaning to me. It was like God spoke to me His promise to me from each scripture! This helped me more than anything during labor... relying on His peace and strength.

#3. Chill when it comes to all the food rules. Don’t worry about not eating sandwich meat or processed foods… I think in general you shouldn’t eat that stuff, so it’s not really that important to stay completely away from it just eat less of it. Same with all the cheeses and runny eggs. In Sweden, they eat all of that stuff and even drink wine, don’t drink wine, though it’s very clear that that can have bad effects on babies. The best thing I did was eat a ton of vegetables and did a lot of juicing. If you can do smoothies or eat good enough protein, that’ll be great. I found myself needing to be purposeful and eating more yoghurt and cheese because my calcium was super low. That was because I wasn’t drinking milk and I was like trying to be all healthy ha ha.

#4. Don't continue to smoke, drink or use drugs.   If you find yourself, still using or drinking let someone who can help you know, there’s no judgement. I can help with information to get into a program for pregnancy and moms.

I read this  book that helped: I actually got it from my midwifes library. They had a lot of good stuff.