An update on the life of Tara

An update on the life of Tara
A bit of an old photo but you get the picture!

This lovely prayer in Psalm 116 has been timely for me right now: "Be at rest once more, O my soul, for Lord has been good to you".

My little family, Aaron, Stella, Isabelle and me came down to Mississippi in July to get closer to my mom and siblings for some more help with the kids and get refreshed from the last ten years of working in the front lines of ministry. Anyone who has toddlers knows it is a huge deal to have family close by! If you've worked for Teen Challenge, you understand how intense it can be on your soul and spirit from day to day.

We've been here for exactly three months (Oct 21st), the time I felt God telling me I needed to recover from a type of burnt out I was walking in. Now this was not on purpose, but here I am, preparing for school and work to start on Monday. Last week we got a little used RAV4 for me and a tiny little cabin put next door to my mom's house. Is it any more clear this was God showing me I needed three months set aside for my family and Him? Exactly three months from the day we drove into the USA I am making an academic and work calendar to sync with my personal one... The timing was not planned!

So I will give some details :)

Here is the little Murray Cabin. This is a photo before we got it moved. Now it is on a bunch of rocks and cement blocks so it's raised up a few feet. There is a super cute kitchen, bathroom and huge closet (kids room) in it already. There are two big lofts we need to get re-opened up and get some stairs made for climbing up to them. I'll do before's and after's, obvs!

Murray Cabin

So I applied to Liberty University to do a bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies about a month ago. I was accepted and got classes transferred from the schools I went to straight out of High School and ministry school. I am considered a senior student! I am so grateful after so many years of studies and not having a degree, I may finally be able to work towards a masters degree in counseling! I will do full time classes online. I am starting with all things that appeal to get me back in the groove of studying. It's been 5 years or so since I have done college level education. I have gotten many certificates, a ministry license and hands on experience that has made me who I am and shown me what I am gifted in. I plan to continue to use my past trainings and future trainings for the Glory of God!

As I got my new little RAV, I got an oil change, window nicks out and breaks fixed I met the managers at an old car wash where I used to work. Classy Chassis, lol. I said to myself, "I might as well work here if nothing else is opening up...". It had been about a month since I'd applied at a few rehabs close by, some restaurants, offices, ect. without any call backs. The moment I was talking to the manager I got a message from a woman I'd talked with a few times weeks after I applied at an office. It was a full time job and I'd decided I wasn't ready for it. At the time, weeks prior I'd asked if she knew of job sites I could look at that were hiring people that could work from home, she didn't, only Indeed. I was using a few websites but they just seemed like scams. Well a few days ago me and the kids were working on getting them some info from the social security office and because I couldn't find my ID we weren't able to make any progress and went to leave. Right after I put the kids in the car, before we drive away I notice the same woman had messaged me and left a voicemail. Long story made short... I am hired to start contracting for her next week. I will be an assistant to her, interviewing and placing people on teams that will work well for their personalities. This means I can work from home, my own schedule and the amount of hours I'd like, 20-25 hours per week.

Aaron is working on his paperwork, so hopefully he can work in ministry here soon. We will see what the Lord does, we trust He has the best plan!

Isabelle starts daycare in a few days at a day home close to where we live. She is just barely potty training again, it isn't easy changing your life at two! Ha ha.

Stella is in pre-school. We had her first ever parent teacher conference last week. I was so blessed by all her teacher said we went for frosty's afterwords. They said Stella's social health and charisma will take her a lot further than acedemics ever will and said we as parents had done a good job. I made sure they knew we can take no credit for that amazing kid. She is just a ball of love, adventure and excitement! Only God can do that... I am hoping to get her into softball soon, we had so much fun throwing the ball in the water while in Panama City Beach. Since then we got her a tee and she's been practicing batting.

Keep us all in your prayers over the next few weeks. I will need grace as I start school, work, we get the plumbing and electricity hooked up and do potty training, homework, ect.

Thank you all for your continued support and love!

Tara Murray